Injection moulding unit.

One of the three main focus areas of Scaletec Oy is injection molding. We work in new premises which have been designed already in the beginning with plastic production in mind.

Scaletec Oy has a versatile machine range for 1-2 component injection molding. We are specialized in small and mid-size series, 1-10000 pcs. When needed we can also optimize our production for bigger series.

Our machines have clamping force starting from 20 tons up to 150 tons. Product size range is between 1 and 350 grams. We use all common plastic qualities, additives and colors. Special raw materials can also be used where needed.

Other services include lasermarking, padprinting, 3D-measuring, various surface treatments (own painting shop), assembly and ultrasonic welding.

Injection molding team is both professional and well motivated. Fast communication, internal quality system and efficient co-operation between molding team and our in-house tool making team give high quality end-products as a result. Our flexible way of working enables even short delivery times when needed.

We have developed a hybrid aluminium tool for:
- small and sharp details. Guarantee f.ex. 50 000 cycles.
- making cost-effectively in small volumes big plastic parts usually made different PUR techniques.

The plastic part in the picture weights 1 kg and the material is UPM GP40, cellulose fiber reinforced plastic composite developed in Finland.